Additional Services

In addition to our quality concrete cutting and drilling services, we also offer top quality and highly rated: Concrete and Rock Breaking, Backhoes, Excavators and Tippers. These services are available on a contract or an hourly basis with a minimum of 4 hours hire. We also have the ability to erect steel structures.

Our concrete and rock breaking service can break rock out for excavations of structural concrete beams and demolitions. Using hydraulic breakers we can also provide backhoes to excavate rock and concrete from any and all sites as well as tippers to haul excavated material in or out of your site.


  • General purpose/standard jobs can be quoted over the phone
  • Larger jobs are quoted and priced to plan
  • Technical or specialist jobs are quoted after a site inspection
  • No job is too big, too small or too hard!

Technical Service

Some jobs are difficult and require expertise, not just guess work. Therefore we will come to the site and discuss the project and workable options with you personally. This can be an hourly rate or provided as a free consultation when Breakaway complete the job. We provide a comprehensive technical project planning and management assessing whether engineering surveys are required. We seek to educate people with concrete or brickwalls about what kind of services are right for them.


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