Bitumen Cutting

Breakaway can perform bitumen cutting up to a depth of 500mm – long cuts a speciality. This process is usually performed in preparation of trenching; to provide expansion joints; remove damaged pavement sections prior to patching or to clean and prepare random cracks for repair. We can also do bitumen cutting prior to demolitions.

Bitumen Grinding

Breakaway can remove high spots or painted lines in bitumen areas to ensure a smooth and
even surface to prevent trips or falls with our high quality bitumen grinding. We can resurface
large surfaces before adhering an additional coating for:

  • Tennis courts
  • Netball or basketball courts
  • Specialized driveways

Ask us to tailor a bitumen grinding application for your needs.

Bitumen Grooving

Bitumen grooving provides better traction for wheel chair access or any other application that requires high amounts of surface friction. Bitumen grooving can also be applied to inlay electrical, plumbing or telecommunications services.

Core Drilling

We can perform core drilling for sampling, analysis or access for electrical or plumbing services. Core drilling is typically used to remove a cylindrical shape of material for a variety of purposes such as mineral exploration.


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