Vertical Barriers

Doors and Windows

We can cut through brick, stone and/or concrete which can be removed and/or enlarged to customer specifications to insert vertical barriers for doors and windows – remember, it’s not that hard! We use petrol, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical machinery depending on the site location. Walls up to 500mm thick can be accommodated if access to the vertical barriers from both sides is available.

When access is a problem or walls are thicker than 500mm other methods are used to complete the task.

Note: These options are determined after the technical site inspection.

verticalAir Conditioning Vents

Openings can be cut or enlarged with our concrete corers for both residential and commercial air conditioning vents. Concrete cutting and drilling may be required to fit air conditioning vents into concrete walls or even slabs.

Wall Chasing

We are able to cut channelling into for water or electrical services through concrete walls or floors via wall chasing. We can chase wires into walls using our state of the art wall chasing technology.
Note: Under some circumstances holes can even be cored vertically through the walls.


We can customize concrete core drilling up to 450mm diameter on all manner of vertical and sloping surfaces. We seek to minimize vibration to prevent damage to your surfaces, infrastructure and structures.


Refractory drilling and cutting can be performed on or off site. We can also perform partial refractory cutting that suits your construction or excavation project’s needs.


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